Expedition Code_tober

Celebrate open-source code this month at the IDB!

Have you created tools while working in operations or corporate projects? Want to give your code more visibility? Share it now during Code_tober!

We are expanding the IDB’s repository Code for Development, increasing the visibility of your work and compiling tools from your projects which may also be helpful for your colleagues and clients while also expanding the impact of the software we develop and finance.
The Code for Development initiative and the TechLab at the IDB together invite you to present your apps, algorithms, spreadsheets, and other software financed by the IDB or created by our talented employees.

Contribute to Code_tober!

Tools submitted until October 31 will be reviewed by a committee of IDB staff. The selected tools will be featured the blog "Abierto al Público" and incorporated in the public IDB repository, “Code for Development.”


We will host Code_tober Office hours each Tuesday in October, a space where you can bring your questions in person from HQ or via WebEx if you are located in a country office. Sign-up here

In addition to the Office hours, you can reach us with questions through code@iadb.org. Please read the terms and conditions relevant to the Code Expedition available through this link.

We also have a Guide for publishing digital tools where you will find guidelines for documentation, evaluation and licensing.


It is an event to identify digital tools with the potential for high impact in Latin America and the Caribbean. During the month of October 2018 (until October 31) any person working with the IDB can nominate a digital tool which has been financed by the IDB or created by its employees, for their consideration for inclusion to the Code for Development tool repository and catalog.

Code for Development is an IDB initiative which promotes the idea that software is a knowledge product which is reusable and adaptable with a high potential for contributing to development. The Initiative includes a repository of digital tools which have been identified to serve a particular development challenge in the region, and are open to be adapted and reused. The Code_tober Expedition is an opportunity to locate additional tools to add to this catalog.

The TechLab is a safe space in the IDB where people can explore, collaborate and have practical experiences with the latest technologies such as: Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Blockchain, and Quantum Technologies. It allows people to connect technology concepts to the tools behind them. It is a space where they can create, imagine and experiment with the support of technology experts. Our goal is to inspire change while looking for new business opportunities or improving existing business processes.

IDB policy AM-331-A2 defines the following: Software: a set of programs, instructions and computer rules that enable the execution of tasks in a computer in order to manage a certain process or obtain a certain result. Software includes (i) source code, (ii) object code and (iii) Support and Use Documentation. The Software may be of the type, but not limited to (i) program executable from the computer, (ii) mobile and desktop application, (iii) algorithm and (iv) spreadsheet containing macros, as well as other instructions for simulate, project or perform other calculations.

View the official page for the policy: AM-331-A2 Publication and Licensing of Bank Software as Knowledge Products

Yes, we would love to hear about it even if you are not the creator. If it is selected, we will contact the creators and the person who nominated it before publishing it. Both will be credited if published in Code for Development.

After October 31 a committee will evaluate the tools which have been nominated. The teams behind the selected tools will be notified, and then will be featured the blog "Abierto al Público" and incorporated in the public IDB repository, “Code for Development.”

To give you an idea of the tools we are looking for you can check the catalog of code.iadb.org. If you have any other questions you can contact us at code@iadb.org.

If you need more information about this call you can check the terms and conditions in this link.

If you have any other questions you can always contact us at code@iadb.org