Join the IDB Code Expedition!

Can you think of any digital tools that could have an impact on economic and social development?

Share them!

At the IDB, we’re working hard to expand the Code for Development repository so that more governments, civil society organizations and developers can adapt and incorporate these digital tools into their projects for the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

We invite you to nominate applications, algorithms or spreadsheets that fulfill any of the following functions:

  • Data management
  • Communications management
  • Resource management
  • Image processing
  • Service or process management
  • Information management
  • Other similar functions

Help to improve lives through code!

Tools nominated through October 15 will evaluated by a committee of IDB specialists. Selected tools will be highlighted in the IDB’s "Abierto al Público" open data blog and incorporated in the Code for Development repository.

Review the publication guide for digital tools to learn how to increase the potential for reuse and make everyone aware of your tool.

Please read the applicable terms and conditions for this Code Expedition.

    Frequently asked questionsSmiley face

    Q1: What is the Code Expedition? From September 21 to October 15, anyone can nominate digital tools to be evaluated and added to the Code for Development catalog. Q2: What is Code for Development? It is the IDB initiative which promotes collaboration in order to use, reuse and adapt digital tools with a high potential for development. It provides a catalog of digital tools that have been useful for facing development challenges in the region. The Code Expedition will serve as an impetus to find new tools that could be added to the catalog. Q3: What do we mean by digital tools? At Code for Development, we consider digital tools to be any application, algorithm or spreadsheet that may have an impact on development. We encourage that they have an open component so that they can be used, reused or adapted by others. This means that the tool should be open source, or simply able to be accessed and used in an open manner. Q4: I know of a digital tool with a lot of potential in the field of development, but I’m not part of the project team. Can I nominate it? Yes, we would love to hear about it even though you’re not the creator. If it ends up being selected, we will contact the creators and the person who nominated it before publishing it. Both will be credited if it is published in Code for Development. Q5: I’ve already nominated a digital tool; what happens now? After October 15, a committee of specialists will evaluate all the digital tools. The selected tools will be highlighted in the IDB’s “Abierto al Público” open data blog, and we will contact the person who nominated the tool and its creators in order to upload it to Code for Development’s catalog of tools. Q6: What else do I have to know? Read the terms and conditions applicable to this Code Expedition. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can contact us at