Do you know about a digital tool that could make an impact on economic and social development?

In the IDB, we understand code as a knowledge product, and we are striving to help fulfill its potential as a public good through Code for Development, a repository to publish open source tools that the IDB and other agencies have created so that governments, civil society organizations, and citizens can use or adapt them to address the specific challenges they face.

Code for Development needs your help to put quality digital tools in reach for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

If you know of digital tools that can be reused or adapted to improve lives, fill out the registration form and we will review your application.

Join us to maximize the impact of code for development!

The digital tools published in Code for Development follow these principles:

  • They are open-use

  • They do not have a commercial purpose or carry a paid service

  • They are not static information portals

The Publication Guide contains basic guidelines for documenting, licensing and evaluating the quality of digital tools. Read the Guide and apply its good practices to increase the possibility of reuse.

If you have any other questions or queries, you can contact us through