Do you know of any digital tools that could have an impact on economic and social development? Share them with us!

At the IDB, we’re expanding our Code for Development repository so that more governments, civil society organizations and developers can adapt and incorporate these digital tools into their projects for the economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

We invite you to nominate applications, algorithms or spreadsheets that fulfill any of the following functions:

  • Data management 

  • Communications management

  • Resource management

  • Image processing

  • Service or process management

  • Simulators of property assessments and determination of taxes 

  • Information management

  • Other similar functions

Join us to improve lives through code!

In the Guide for Publishing Digital Tools, you can review the basic instructions for documenting, licensing and evaluating the quality of code of the digital tools. Read the Guide and apply its good practices to increase the possibility of reuse.

The terms and conditions applicable to this Call are available here. In addition, you may contact us at

Don’t miss this opportunity! Your digital tool can make a difference
in the development of LAC.