Open observatory of urban works.

Main functions
  • Data visualization.
  • Search for information, photos or renders on public works.
  • Identification of outstanding works by commune, this is the minimum unit of administrative decentralization within the city of Buenos Aires.

BA Obras puts at the disposal of the neighbors all the information about the public works that are transforming the City of Buenos Aires.

In this site, neighbors can browse the works by neighborhood, by topic of interest, by stage of advance and know when they begin, when they end and how much they cost, in addition to seeing in photos and videos the progress of each work.

Use cases:

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Currently, work is being done to replicate it with 5 Argentine municipalities and the city of São Paulo in Brazil.


Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Technical Aspects:

Platform for visualization and analysis of information on public works of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.