Electronic signature tool


Main functions

It is an application catalog with the following features

  • Multiplatform signature
  • It runs as a standalone application or desktop application
  • for users without knowledge of electronic signature

The Client Suite @firma is one of the products of the @firma Suite of Spanish electronic signature and identification solutions. 

This suite of tools is used by the Spanish Public Administrations so that they have the necessary tools to implement authentication and advanced electronic signature in a fast and effective way in desktop environments.

Use Cases:

Spanish Public Administrations.


Responsible organization

  • General Secretariat of Digital Administration of the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function.

Technical Aspects:

The repositories of the tool are organized as follows:

Cliente @firma

External libraries used by Client @firma

Client Documentation @firma

Abstract layer of access to smart cards 100% java




Knowledge areas
Modernization of the State
electronic government
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Centro de Transferencia de Tecnología