Artificial Intelligence for the massive analysis of documents

Main functions
  • Create a model by choosing a main topic and subtopics related to your research question 
  • Upload corpus of documents relevant to your research topic 
  • Match the model with your corpus to get a better insight on you research question 
  • Visualize a word cloud with the most relevant keywords and a list of the most relevant and unique sentences from the corpus. 
  • Visualize word clouds of the extracted the most relevant entities and locations from the corpus. 

SmartReader is a tool that uses NLP techniques to give you a fresh insight of your research (research question and literature) by querying Google and retrieving related up-to-date information. It was created to tackle the challenge that knowledge workers experience when coping with the exponential amount of information generated every day. 


The Knowledge Innovation and Communication Department of the Inter-American Development Bank created this tool after acknowledging this need and the latency of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Natural language Processing, to assist the Knowledge creation process.  


The tool comprises four interfaces:


1) Model Definition. 

2) Model Status. 

3) Model Application.

4) Results interfaces. 


© 2017 Inter-American Development Bank and Institute for the Future. This software is the result of a partnership between the Inter-American Development Bank and the Institute for the Future. The copyright on the software is shared by both organizations, even if your licensor is the Inter-American Development Bank only.

Technical aspects

Web app in python that uses NLP (Natural Language Process) techniques, scikit-learn and Google queries.

You can see the code here: https://github.com/EL-BID/SmartReader


Knowledge areas
Data science
Contribution of
Inter-American Development Bank