Treatment, consultation and continuous updating of map information.

Main functions
  • Property data query tools.
  • StreetView view of the property.
  • General data of the spatial unit: area, direction, land uses.
  • List of administrative units: economic uses, cadastral values.
  • List of property rights: owners, property tax.
  • Generation of thematic maps on the property data.

Tool oriented to the analysis and exploitation of cadastral data, aimed at public entities that want to make extensive and efficient use of cadastral information in the multiple areas involved in an administration.




  • Treatment, consultation and continuous updating of the physical and legal information of real estate and owners.
  • Treatment, consultation and continuous updating maps of the territory and information necessary for the management of collections and taxpayers.
  • It can be adapted to different legal-technical realities existing in the countries.
  • Scalable in functionalities offered according to demand. Based on the LADM standard (Land Management Domain Model), endorsed by its approval as ISO 19152.


This tool was identified in the framework of project RG-T3099 "Digital Solutions for Local Taxation".

Use cases:

It was implemented in the Municipality of Tuluá in the department of Valle del Cauca in Colombia, in the following areas:

  • Taxes
  • Planning Technique
  • Citizen attention.


Galileo Ingeniería y Servicios, S.A.

Technical aspects:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Core development environment.
  • ASP.net Core 2.
  • React as framework for client code.
  • PostgreSQL, with PostGIS extension, or Oracle with Spatial Data Option (SDO).
  • JDeveloper.
  • Geoserver as a map server (wms publication).
  • Leaflet as a map viewer.

You can see the code here: https://github.com/GalileoIyS/-gcM-GESTION-CATASTRAL-MULTIPAIS




Knowledge areas
Urban planning
Modernization of the State
Contribution of
Code Expedition