Data quality monitoring tool

Main functions
  • visualize the indicators of classification of the cards of raised homes.
  • Visualize in detail the values of the variables (and their score) of the records of households classified as irregular.
  • Analyze the potential strange cases that occur during the information gathering.
  • Assist in making decisions for the correction of the capture tool or the generation of new instructions for field personnel.

Clasificador de Datos Atípicos is a tool duo composed of:


The classifier and viewer


  • The visualiser is used to visualize the indicators of classification of the household files drawn up by the SISBEN, the Identification System of Potential Beneficiaries of Social Programs in Colombia.
    Through a score, classifies the population according to their socioeconomic conditions.


  • The classifier is the algorithms with which this classification is executed and that can later be visualized using the visualizer.

Use cases

It is currently being used by the National Planning Department of the Government of Colombia.


This software has been developed by Carlos Tejada under the project CO-T1418-P001, funds ATN/OC-16168-CO, Contract No. 001, through the IDB for the DNP Colombia.

Technical aspects

The viewer

Web app developed on .NET Core, a general-purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft and the .NET community on GitHub. It is multiplatform, supports Windows, macOS and Linux, and can be used in devices, in the cloud and in integrated scenarios / IoT.

To learn more about how the viewer works, please go to the viewer's repository.


The classifier 

This agent is a SQL Server stored procedure (which is invoked through a job), which is responsible for processing the data of households not yet processed, and classifying each household as regular or irregular.

To learn more about how the classifier works, please go to the classifier repository..





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