Distance and Travel Time Between Two Points from Google Maps.

Main functions
  • Calculation of distances taking into account traffic in the area
  • Analysis in 4 different modes of transport: on foot, by bicycle, by car or public transport.

Tool that connects the R program with Google maps directly.

Gmapsdistance is born from the need to compute calculations in a list of millions of observations that involve Google maps.

Having a list of N places of origin and M destinations, this library performs calculations quickly, for different modes (walking, by car, public transport, bicycle, etc) and at different times, as one can specify the time.

Use cases:

Gmapsdistance has been used in different fields.

  • To assess how important the distance of heart care centers is in the health of adolescents with congenital heart problems (see link).
  • Measure the accessibility of the population to different public transport services (see link)
  • Evaluate how much distance affects urban centers and the valuation of properties in California (see link).
  • It is currently being used to assess the state of access to health in Kenya.  


Rodrigo Azuero, Colombian, specialist in the fiscal management division of the IDB.

Technical aspects:

R library that allows to calculate distances for a database through Google maps.

You can see the code here: https://github.com/rodazuero/gmapsdistance

You can download the library from the CRAN repository.