R library to analyze development indicators

Main functions
  • Extract indicators from different sources added by theme 
  • Normalization of all indicators to make comparisons 

The "Indicator Aggregator" allows academics, multilaterals and other organizations to analyze and compare indicators from different sources and with different units of measurement. This tool allows the identification of indicators relevant to a theme among different sources of development indicators (among them, the IDB's Numbers for Development portal).


This library searches for keywords and allows hundreds of indicators to make sense, turning them into valuable information for decision making. It was developed by the IDB, originally as part of a project called Gender Dashboard whose objective was to give visibility to gaps in gender indicators with the help of the three databases already mentioned. The Code for Development initiative documented and published this library to be open and reused.


You can see the source code in the following link:  https://github.com/EL-BID/Agregador-de-indicadores