QGIS plugin to simulate water resource scenarios

Main functions
  • Water balance calculations and series of flows at the regional, basin, or sub-basin level. 
  • Evaluation of the effects of natural or anthropogenic changes on the availability and variability of water resources (climate change, increased demand, land use). 
  • Allows studies at the regional, national or local level, because the delimitation of watersheds is hydrographic and not geopolitical.

An integrated and quantitative system to simulate hydrology and water resource management in Latin America and the Caribbean. The system allows you to work under scenarios of change (e.g. climate, land use and population) which allow for the assessment of water quality and quantity, infrastructure needs, and the design of adaptation strategies and projects in response to these changes. 




Hydro-BID was created to provide agencies and institutions responsible for the study and management of watersheds with a tool capable of obtaining accurate and complete information about the hydrologic cycle. It also allows for the evaluation of changes in availability derived from natural or anthropogenic changes in watersheds in order to improve the decision-making process and planning in the short, medium and long term.  


The system consists of a hydrologic model fed by a database containing the delineation of over 230,000 watersheds in Latin America and the Caribbean, each pre-parameterized and pre-calibrated to simplify the simulation and analysis process. 


Due to the nature and complexity of this software, users are offered a 5-day trial to test and analyze the system. For an unlimited license, contact contact@hydrobidlac.org. We also recommend viewing the training courses offered at http://hydrobidlac.org/.