Simple interface to extract data from Openstreetmap.

Main functions


  • Navigate to areas of interest on the map.
  • Access data generated by mass collaboration in a user-friendly way.
  • Download attributes or features of interest (selected through a menu of options) of OpenStreetMap.
  • Combine the traits and attributes downloaded with the existing data to fill gaps in the data.

The OSM Data Extraction Tool harnesses the power of open data to close information gaps and increase planning accuracy immediately and free of charge.

This tool uses a simple interface that allows extracting detailed data from the Open Street Map platform, a collaborative project to create editable and free maps.

Use cases:

The downloaded shapefiles can be combined with existing records to fill data gaps and increase accuracy with minimal time and financial burden on public agencies.


Inter-American Development Bank

GY-T1136; RG-T2664


Technical aspects:

Web application that provides a user-friendly interface to facilitate access to OSM data, built on the basis of the Overpass API.


OSM tags are grouped into more general features in the config file. The configuration can be based on values ​​of the labels, keys of the labels, or several labels at the same time. The specified OSM tags are converted into Overpass API queries and collected from that service.

You can start using it here: https://idb-osm-extraction-tool.netlify.com/

You can see the code of the tool here: https://github.com/EL-BID/idb-osm-extraction-tool


Knowledge areas
Urban planning