Information System for the Logistic Administration of medical units.


The Secretariat of Health of Chiapas in Mexico (ISECH), through the Information Technology Division, with the support of the Mesoamerica Health Project 2015 (SM2015), developed the Information System for Logistics Administration (SIAL) project, whose objective is to facilitate and strengthen warehouse control at the central and jurisdictional levels. One of the main functions of the Ministry of Health is to supply the different medical units of the state of Chiapas with medicines and materials necessary for adequate attention to the population. That is why, implementing tools for the control and distribution of medical supplies is a priority.


The development of a tool such as the SIAL helps in making decisions to supply medicines, material and laboratory supplies, and / or fixed asset inputs, to effectively meet the needs of the different populations covered by the service. health of the state of Chiapas, supporting both medical and administrative staff.

Use cases:

Ministry of Health of the State of Chiapas, Mexico


Inter-American Development Bank

Salud Mesoamérica, ME-G1001 & ME-G1004

Technical aspects:

SIAL is composed of the following repositories.

Web client: https://github.com/EL-BID/SIAL-cliente

RESTful API:  https://github.com/EL-BID/SIAL-API



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