Detector of changes in plots with satellite images.

Main functions
  • Registration of taxpayers.
  • Update of subnational cadastres.
  • Simulators of valuation of property and determination of taxes.

Massive Change Detection allows us to observe plots in which a change in the type of land use was detected, based on the application of artificial intelligence algorithms on satellite images.

This tool was identified in the framework of project RG-T3099 "Digital Solutions for Local Taxation".

Use cases:

Municipality of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are using it for decision making.


Dymaxions Labs.

Technical aspects:

QGIS 2 plugin that applies change detection algorithms on satellite imagery for building reports for urban planning.


You can see the code here: https://github.com/dymaxionlabs/massive-change-detection



Knowledge areas
Urban planning
Modernization of the State
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