R library to access Numbers for Development indicators 

Main functions
  • Downloading socioeconomic data from Latin America and the Caribbean. 
  • List of indicators with update frequency. 
  • Easy access to indicator metadata.

Direct access to the indicators from the Numbers for Development portal. This R library allows for automatic downloading of the datasets housed in the Inter-American Development Bank’s open data portal, which present socioeconomic indicators from Latin America and the Caribbean. It is a compilation of seven data sources:  


  • Agrimonitor: Portal for the monitoring of agricultural policies in the region. 
  • INTrade: An online portal which gathers information on integration and trade in the region. 
  • Latin Macro Watch: Indicators with macroeconomic, social, foreign trade, capital flow, market, and governance data. 
  • Public Administration: Set of public administration indicators based on methodologies developed by the IDB on the performance of Management for Development Results (MfDR) and the civil service in Latin America and the Caribbean. 
  • Social Pulse: Comprehensive set of key indicators on the living conditions of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean. 
  • SIMS: Primary source of information on labor markets in Latin America and the Caribbean. 
  • Sociometer: Dataset of social indicators that provide information on socioeconomic conditions in Latin America and the Caribbean. 



You can see the source code here: